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Thread: A Canadian eh!

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    Smile A Canadian eh!

    Well I guess I put the cart in front of the horse when I logged into the chatroom last night before I introduced myself here.So here goes. My name is Mike and I live in Vancouver British Columbia.I was introduced to Bourbon (Makers Mark)exactly one year ago and developed an immediate fondness for the spirit.So much so that I did a search and fortunately came upon this site.I've been lurking for a while and reading everything I can before I start posing questions.I can honestly say that although I don't have real sophisticated tastebuds yet I have learned a lot by reading others tasting notes.We have a fairly limited selection of bourbons here and they're pretty pricey but I have manged to try all except two.PVW 20 year old which runs $175 for 750 ml and Rock hill farms @ $100 for same size. Our govt LDB will be bringing in some PVW23 YO sometime soon and it will cost $325 per 750 ml.Fortunately I manage to get to the USA fairly often and bring home a bottle of something different each time.I met a friendly bunch in the chatroom last night and talked and listened while I enjoyed a pour.Thanks again to all for your warm reception .I look forward to talking to everyone again soon....Mike

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    Re: A Canadian eh!

    Hey Mike! Welcome, and nice work on keepin to your word from last night!! Great to have the North West covered. Enjoy your stay, it is a great deal of fun, even the really late nights in the chat room (even on a school night )


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    Re: A Canadian eh!

    Welcome Mike. I was nice chatting with you last night. Enjoy the journey.
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    Re: A Canadian eh!

    Welcome to SB.com from another NWerner...except a little south of you.
    We get up to Nanaimo every couple years for diving. Love the Island...we have always enjoyed Gina's but it might be a lack of sleep and to many Margaritas?
    Enjoy your research!


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    Re: A Canadian eh!

    Welcome to the site! I'm new here myself, but I've found the discussions to be interesting and the people to be genuine and warm.
    I'm curious: do you drink much Canadian whisky? I recently read an article that spoke of the few Canadian brands that broke the "brown vodka" barrier. Specifically, have you tried Alberta Premium or Wiser's? Alberta is 100% rye, and I've heard that Wiser's has a profile more reminiscent of bourbon. Do you have any experience with these brands?
    Again, Welcome!

    “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”
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