I recently purchased the worst beer i've ever tasted, Miller "Chill" and that has led me to make this post.

Miller Chill is marketed towards a huge market, Hispanics. This beer is basically an all-in-one version copy of a Hispanic tradition of adding table salt and a wedge of lime to a can of beer.

My question regarding Miller Chill and basically every other alcoholic drink with added ingredients is why there are no nutritional or ingredient listings.

The Miller Chill label says that it is "Inspired by a Mexican recipe with lime and salt" and the only other statement is that it is "Miller Chill Light Beer with Natural Flavor"

anyone tasting this would probably guess that the flavors don't taste "natural" and i sincerely doubt that they are adding real lime and real salt. Where are these "natural" flavors manufactured?

Why shouldn't products like these have to carry nutritional and ingredient information? If there is added salt, isn't there an issue for people who have to watch sodium levels? If there are other things in there, shouldn't consumers be able to see them on the product?

If we have it on other food products i don't see why these type of alcoholic hybrid don't have to.