Tonight at a restaurant I had the best malt whisky I have ever had in my life, and it was by accident since I ordered by looking at the bottles on the backbar and choosing (unusually for me) by the name, I just liked the name, Ladyburn. I had heard of the distillery but not anything more. (I should have asked the price before taking the first sip, but never mind).

The whisky had a luscious raisiny sweetness from a very high quality sherry cask and had the kind of softness, depth and length I admire in any drink. Wrapped in the sherry was the grainy/rubbery/congener taste of authentic double-distilled malt whisky, and underpinning that was a mild yet insistent peat smokiness. The package was faultless and spelled classic old-style single malt, I instantly recognised the taste (just from reading and inferring), and it was indeed a treat.