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    Re: Bourbon & health

    Oh yes it does Ed if you do it with 1.75L bottles in each arm it a curl and is very good for the upper arm. If you isolate while bringing it back down to the table you can hit the tricept as well ! Gotta love those big bottles!!

    "So long as the presence of death lurks with anyone who goes through the simple act of swallowing, I will make mine whiskey"

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    Re: Bourbon & health

    Quote Originally Posted by pepcycle View Post
    I guess tilting my elbow, with a glass in my hand, doesn't qualify as "physically active" does it?
    Now, Ed! I know you are anything but inactive, regardless of employment status. After all, you support (or substantiate, depending on point of view), The Patty [whom I, as she knows (and, if she doesn't -- you will assure, Ed!) I adore!] on a daily basis. Labors of love are nonetheless labors, Ed. You're in shape for life!

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    Re: Bourbon & health


    Bourbon's health benefits were the reason I took up drinking at age 43 last Summer! I've read too much about it's health benefits when consumed daily in moderation. I take 2 oz. every night in my Diet Coke as a "liquid sleeping pill". It works wonderfully in that role. On the odd Saturday evening, I may throw in 3 oz.


    PS: I'm beginning to appreciate JBB's flavor profile now. The char comes shining through my Diet Coke, along with some corn flakes and a hint of Caramel. YMMV.

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    Re: Bourbon & health

    The sleep inducing benefits of spirits became apparent to me when I worked in a hospital with a nursing home. Several residents received 30ccs of their preferred medication at bedtime.
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    Re: Bourbon & health

    Reasons for moderate use:

    #1 as an antiseptic mouthwash
    #2 Blood thinner
    #3 Sleep aid
    #4 Relaxant agent
    #5 Religious celebratory ritual

    Reasons against: I can't think of any.



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