In my relatively short time as a bourbon lover, I've noticed that my taste consistently leans toward single barrel offerings like ERSB 10, FRSB (best bourbon I've ever had) and EC18. The best single malt I've had so far, Balvenie 15 YO, is also a single barrel (101 proof, too, oh yeah!).
Is there something beyond my appreciation of the fact that the whiskey or whisky came from one barrel only or is there something markedly different about single barrels in general? I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that blends can tend to be more complex than a single barrel, but I've found no lack of said complexity in the whiskeys and whisky I've named here. The Balvenie is unreal in the complexity department.
I'm not just fascinated with the concept of a single barrel whiskey, it just seems like the sb's are the best ones I've tasted. Admittedly I've not had a huge selection of bourbons to taste so my comparative sense might be a little undernourished. I did have a FR Super Premium in Japan recently aqnd, while it was really good, I'd take a dram of the SB over a bottle of the SP any day. Okay, maybe not, I'm stupid but I think you know what I mean.
I'm rambling a bit here. What do you guys think?