My parents are in Hawaii for the next few days, and my original plan of having them pick up a cache of Wild Turkey Heritage has been foiled as they haven't had any stock for at least 6 weeks (sorry Oscar and Dawn, but I tried!) No stores in Hawaii had any left, also none in LAX. It's starting to dry up!

So plan B commenced.
I called Larry Kass from Heaven Hill. It was a pleasure to talk to him and he went out of his way to check for me but no Rittenhouse 21/23 or Parkers Heritage Collection went to Hawaii.

So now what? My dad saw a 1.75L Maker's Mark that excited him....I like Maker's, but I can get it here.
Does anyone know of anything out of the ordinary I can get in Hawaii??
Even if it's Weller 12 or something like that. They leave Sunday morning so I need to act fast!

Thanks in advance!