Brand new to this bourbon game and just found this forum. Looking forward to learning a lot and getting a bunch of recommendations from you guys. My bourbon selection only consists of 4 right now as follows:
AH Hirsch 16 yo
Pappy Van Winkly 20 y0
Blanton single barrel
Basil Hayden

I have been a wine and beer drinker for my 57 years but thought that it was time to get a little more sophisicated. I love all 4 of the bourbons that I have but really want to expand my experiences so keep those recommendations coming. Would also appreciate information regarding if it is worth a trip into Kentucky at the distillers to get some great bottles.

Ok, my first question of many is which pour do you consider the "Don't miss this pour. You have to experience it?" Have to say it would have to go some to be better to me than the Pappy. Thanks in advance for any response. Looking forward to this!