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    Re: 1926 Macallan $54,000

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    Tim brought a half gallon King Tut decanter to the Gazebo back at the 2004 Festival. It is definitely an eye catcher. I'll bet that is what was at the auction. There may be a picture of it here at SB somewhere.....I don't know for sure.

    I/we have drunk through 2 or 3 of those big heads, and I still have one or two Michter's bottles open currently. Little did I know I've been pouring my retirement plan!

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    Re: 1926 Macallan $54,000

    The lot that was interesting to me was the huge 729 bottle collection of scotch. It was a combination of single malts, vattings, and blends. It went for $102k. And while that is indeed a very very large amount of money, in many ways it is kind of a deal. Of course I don't know the details about what was in this lot, but this averages out to $140 a bottle. Supposedly this lot had many older bottlings and bottlings from closed distilleries. So when you think about the time and effort that was spent to create this collection, $102k sounds like steal if you were a rich dude who liked scotch. (Not that I even remotely in a position to call any $102k luxury purchase a steal. )

    The question for me is why?!? Why did some guy spend huge amounts of time, effort, and money for this collection only to sell it? The logical answer is that the person passed away and the kids sold it, but maybe not.

    Maybe one of us who has amassed a huge bourbon collection will one day wake up and say, "Hmmm. You know what? I don't like bourbon anymore. Time to send my 500 bottle collection to auction!"

    More info: http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/l...jectId=5014925

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    Re: 1926 Macallan $54,000

    The 1926 Macallan was on the Mission Liquor website a couple years ago for $34,000. Little did I know what it'd be worth just a few years later!

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    Re: 1926 Macallan $54,000

    Not too long ago, there was this gentleman who lives in Wash State who posted in another forum, and wanted to sell his entire collection of single malt whisky, 750 bottles in all. He wanted to sell the whole lot for $50,000. He might be the same gentleman who sold his 729 bottles but got more than twice his initial asking price. If he is the same guy, I am glad he was able to sell it at a better price.



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