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Thread: My First Dusty

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    Talking My First Dusty

    i did experience the thrill today, for the first time, what it's like to find and buy a 'dusty' ... in Delaware.

    seems the state control board of PA keeps things new and fresh, so i never see dusties here!

    perhaps this isn't a big find, but i am quite happy (esp. after tasting it!) to have found a 375 ML of W. L Weller Special Reserve with the old stamp still on it (sealed and all)...white label, 90 proof, green top. and yep, plenty of dust on it!

    and just for $5.99. oh, and Louisville KY on the label.

    any idea how old this is? 1990's? earlier? again, another aspect of bourbon history i am not as familiar with.

    this is a really nice pour. wow. it blows that friggin' Michter's small batch bourbon i bought the other day off the map. and yikes, at $30+ on sale...! (the michter's isn't awful at all...just disappointing...i was hoping for something more complicated and slightly sweet).

    this WELLER is just right. it's better than the 107 Antique...and it features a mashbill i really respect and enjoy. still trying to warm up to OGD...

    oh, and they also had a HUGE bottle of Henry McKenna...no paper label...it was printed on the label...and had a tax stamp...i think it was $19.99....should i shoot for that????

    and another store had a 4 ROSES blended whiskey...another old bottle with a stamp...plenty of dust on all of these. not into the blendeds, but how is this stuff???

    at least a nice break for me. i've had a bad run lately of getting disappointing bottles, both inexpensive and expensive.

    this one makes up for most of those faux pas...!
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