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    Calvados/Apple Brandy

    What are your recommendations on Calvados? I have had several but don't know the names and really love the stuff. I know about Laird's Apple Jack and 12 yr old and really enjoy them.

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    Re: Calvados/Apple Brandy

    Here's to us, who's like us?
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    Re: Calvados/Apple Brandy

    My favorite brand is Duc de Normand,fruity and tasty as a Calvados should be,have also tried clos de Normand and Trois Lys i think they`re too harsh.A friend once brought a bottle home straight from a Normandian farm,homemade,it was the best ever only for sale over there,pity i never saw it not here or in Normandy.A great drink to enjoy nice to sprinkle over crepes too.



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