Thanks, Roger.

One point for clarification:

The two distilleries that are in Bardstown are (or were, in the case of HH) HH and Barton.

Is it correct that if a bottle says Bardstown on the label, it would have come from one of those distilleries?

If so, does that mean that if the Kuhlsveens are putting out BMH that says Bardstown on the label, it would have had to come from HH or Barton?

Someone did in fact tell me that a few years ago, and added that since Barton wasn't giving out any bourbon, they assumed that the Kulhsveens were going across the road to HH to obtain their bourbon.

In any event, I have tasted a variety of BMH, all with Bardstown on the label, and to me they all taste like wet cardboard, musty and thin and dull.