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    How is Rye consumed?

    Do most folks drink Rye as they would a SM Scotch or Boubon. That is straight, on the rock or with a bit of water? As opposed to a mixer?

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    Re: How is Rye consumed?

    I would say so. I would think that the people who search out rye are even less likely than the average person to drink it without a mixer than the average person who might use bourbon and coke or scotch with soda.

    Of course, making a Sazerac or a Manhatten or other whiskey based drink would be exceptions.
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    Re: How is Rye consumed?

    While I agree with Timothy that, in practice, straight rye is most often mixed, I'd argue that it need not be so.
    Good rye is every bit as satisfying as other whiskeys when drunk neat/straight. It just happens to be a more forward mixer, too.

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    Re: How is Rye consumed?



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    Re: How is Rye consumed?

    I had always drank rye neat but lately I've experimented with Old Fashioneds made with Templeton Rye, WT rye and Saz Jr.

    I've never cared for a straight rye Manhattan, preferring a 'rye' bourbon instead.

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    Re: How is Rye consumed?

    I drink rye neat or in cocktails. In general, if I use bourbon in a cocktail, it'll be a high-rye variety like OGD BIB.

    I don't normally drink any kind of bourbon, rye, or Scotch on the rocks - I don't really like when my drink gets over-diluted. I certainly use ice when mixing cocktails, but it gets strained out.
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    Re: How is Rye consumed?

    I have gotten away from mixed drinks over the last few years. Hence, in my house it is:

    1. Pour rye into lowball glass.
    2. Drink.
    3. Repeat.

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    Re: How is Rye consumed?

    Neat. And often.

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    Re: How is Rye consumed?

    Quote Originally Posted by GoodDram View Post
    Do most folks drink Rye as they would a SM Scotch or Boubon. That is straight, on the rock or with a bit of water? As opposed to a mixer?
    Hi GoodDram,

    I consume rye whiskey the same way I consume ALL whiskeys-- neat, with a side of chilled spring water (Llanllyr, from Wales, is my favorite, as its natural sweetness and clean taste make it excellent for cutting whiskey).

    However, as I am a bartender, I have found that less expensive ryes, like the standard 6-year Sazerac, the youngest Rittenhouse, and Templeton, make a superb Old Fashiond. The natural spiciness, combined with the sugar, orange, and cherry, make a sweet-and-spicy combo that is utterly unbeatable, IMHO.

    I hope you enjoy your ryes-- they're among the most under-rated whiskeys out there, and it would be a good idea to buy them while they're still cheap!
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    Re: How is Rye consumed?

    I drink the Rye's I have neat. I will try it eventually with some Ginger ale. Some of my buddies at work love Rye with good Ginger ale. I can see how the flavors would work well together...I just have not gotten around to it yet.



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