I'm a Hoosier born and bred and am still deeply in love with southern Indiana, which has a character not unlike rural Kentucky, but find myself now a resident of Delaware as my wife is here for school. The east coast is a bit too crowded and frantic for me, but I'm getting by. Software (programming) is my personal trade.

My standard pour is OGD BIB, which I get for $15/fifth or $33/half, with Delaware's standard 0% sales tax on top of that. Other stuff currently in the bar includes OGD 114, WT 101—bought as it's my father-in-law's standard—, Old Overholt, and some Alberta Premium (a 100% rye grain Canadian). I seem to have developed a rye-leaning bar.

Other interests include bicycling, rock climbing, shooting, anything else in the great outdoors, and tobacco—I like almost anything Fuente, Hoyo Excalibur №1, and Levi Garrett chaw.

Thanks to those who put the time and money in to starting and maintaining this site. I know it's hard work, and I appreciate it. The results are great.