I have been reliably informed that there aren't many folks from SoCal who frequent this forum, but just on the off chance...

Does anyone know a store that sells a wide selection of top quality bourbon at reasonable prices anywhere in the L.A./Orange County area?

Today I drove several miles out of my way to stop at a huge store that I remember from about five years ago, and it wasn't there -- not where I remembered it, anyway.

So far, I've usually bought the really high-priced stuff from either a nearby gourmet food store or at a small, wine and spirits store down by the beach (the high overhead district). Blantons was $54.95. WT Rare Breed was $37.95 ($32.95 at Sav-On Pharmacy). Knob Creek was $23.95 ($19.95 at Trader Joe's). Elija Craig 12 y/o was $17.95. To all these prices add 8.something% CA sales tax.

At those prices it almost makes sense for me to order from a mail-order house I saw mentioned here and forgot to bookmark (Sams?). The killer there, of course, is the shipping -- $10 for the first bottle. It starts to get reasonable, though, for several bottles in the same shipment. At six bottles I think the charge was under $20 -- less than CA sales tax on the high-priced stuff. (Another advantage of mail-order: I can procur liquor while not wearing pants.)

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

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