Just dropped in. Hope to get an education on what good bourbon and rye are out there to try. Started appreciating bourbon from my father in my early teens. He'd give us kids an occasional sip in the gun room. Natural thing to do in the winter in North Dakota, where I grew up. Dad liked AAA and Wild Turkey. He'd also bring moonshine in charred oak kegs back from Mississippi, where he was a cropduster pilot. Many gallons. Clear in Sept/Oct, blonde by Thanksgiving, good color by Christmas, improved as time went on. The guys at the flying service knew a good distiller, probably in the woods somewhere between Yazoo City and Durant. The moonshine he sought out was rye, not corn whiskey. He used to give it to his most appreciative customers in ND by the gallon when eventually bottled in glass vinegar gugs. Smooth and very good. Would support flame. Wish I had some now for comparison. Both dad and the whiskey are long gone. Don't know what happened to the kegs. They sure smelled good. Let me know what you fellows think is good nowadays. Thanks.