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    Happy Holidays from Iowa

    Greetings SB.COM members. Although I have been a member for some time I have mostly been a lurker. The amount of knowledge I have gained in the last year is astounding. I have gone from JB white as my goto bourbon to a whole new world of outstanding bottlings such as PVW 15, ERSB, EWSB, PVW20....the list goes on! I can say, the pocketbook has definitly suffered, but, Oh My has it been fun!. I and my bride of 30+ years recently took a short vacation to the Ozarks, and my trip planning was centered around dusty hunting instead of the normal boring stuff . What excitement when I discovered several tax stamped OF Prime, and tax stamped Yellowstones in an out of the way liquor store in Arkansas! Thank you SB.Com for countless hours of entertainment and education during the past year. Wishing you and yours, the best of wishes this holiday season.

    Mike in Iowa

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    Re: Happy Holidays from Iowa

    Welcome from another newbie. This is a warm fire here ....good people, good info.

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    Re: Happy Holidays from Iowa

    Welcome! Sounds like you have already learned a lot here.

    Who stole the cork from my breakfast?



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