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    Powers Gold Label

    Santa brought me this bottle...my first Powers.

    Color - light gold...like a lager beer.

    Nose - smells something like nail polish remover....the pot still effect? Almost too much like neutral spirits...aldehyde?...I detect a vodka like smell.

    Taste - the nose qualities carry over to the taste, light bodied, with a hint of sweetness in the taste...but I fail to detect full or complex flavors. It is drinkable...but I suppose the flavor profile simply reflects its pot still profile.

    Finish...smooth, short.

    I am rather disappointed...I know others really like Powers...but I favor Blackbush Black, Jameson. RedBreast has a strong pot still flavor but seems more complex. I assume that the triple distillation can cause an Irish whiskey to more closely resemble a grain neutral spirit. Am I off base here?
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