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    Re: other FOOD pairings of interest?

    Anything chocolate especially if it has carmel or fruit in it.
    Raspberry torts, chocolate chip pecan pie, white chocolate mousse.

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    Re: other FOOD pairings of interest?

    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalo Bill View Post
    1792 Ridgemont Reserve and corn chips go together like Blanton's and peppery side dishes. BB

    that's an interesting match...i, oddly, found that, as i sipped some Fighting Cock (it seems to get only better as it airs out), it really became tastier after having a bite of some tilapia with broiled tangerine on top...didn't mean to sip...it was just sitting aside, to be sipped after i finished the meal...it was really tangier, sweeter and 'thicker'...

    i find that alot of those flavors i find in great pours (caramel, dried fruit like apricots, (c)raisins etc also go well with the whiskey.

    other interesting pairings:

    irish whiskey and chocolate (or any whiskey with chocolate, esp. dark)

    smoked foods (as mentioned here)

    cakes, cookies...

    they don't improve the pour, but they sure add something.

    add to that, the recently discussed beer-back revised approach! another species of vatting, for sure...

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    Re: other FOOD pairings of interest?

    Was just sitting outside with a nice, neat pour of Baby Saz and a fudgesicle. Goodness, Gracious! Maybe, one of the best whiskey/food pairings I've ever tasted.

    Wag more.
    Bark less.

    "Every bottle is its own learning experience." -- Sensei Ox-sama



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