Hello, I am Tim from Baton Rouge, La. I have been lurching and commenting with out saying hi. I have been drinking bourbon since 1968 and been into the premium bourbons for about 5 yrs now. I started with Rebel's Yell when it was 90 proof and I was 14. I was also in the biz for about 5 yrs when I really got into the premiums like Old Pappy 20. There was even a Old Weller 20 for a few months and I bought and drank ever bottle in BR. If not then it would surprise me.
I am also real big into wines. That would be my main drink as it is also recommended by my cardio doctor.
I used to drink alot of beer but gave it up for the waist line. Even though once a month I still get a six pack. I usually get a local beer called Abita.
Any way, hello