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Thread: Name that Glass

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    Name that Glass

    Maybe you good folks could help me out, what are the name of the glasses in the pic's below?

    Which glass would you use for scotch, bourbon and gin? I've been using the tall set in the middle and the short set on the left for whiskey and the one on the right for gin. Some whiskey tasting sites suggest a certain glass for different drinks so out of curiosity I thought I'd ask.

    The short set I bought at a church yard sale for a buck and are my favorite glasses because of the little history lessons on them about crossbows, pistols, etc. They also allow whiskey to warm in the hand a little.



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    Re: Name that Glass

    Hey J, the outside 2 look like rocks glasses and the middle a standard water glass.

    I have a pair of Glencairn glasses and several sets of the Reidel Crystal Bourbon glasses both great for neat drinking but there are cheaper alternatives.

    If you do a search you can find talk on both!

    Good luck, if all else fails most of them are still bottled in glass and it works!

    "So long as the presence of death lurks with anyone who goes through the simple act of swallowing, I will make mine whiskey"

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    Re: Name that Glass

    For a single malt i would take the middle glass for its shape,the right one for blends and gins the left one looks like an old shaped glass for Dutch brandy.I still prefer the Glencairn glasses for tasting single malts but you also have good results with Frenchcognacglasses too and they are a lot cheaper.



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