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    Fun little Holiday story

    So, its Christmas 2007 and my wife and I have my parents and my in-laws over. Dinner went great and eventually it was time for dessert. We retired to by basement where my bar resides. My mom hops on a stool and asks for a liquor type drink maybe something sweet. I pull out a Pappy 23 for her and pour her a little and throw an ice cube or 2 in for her by request. SHE LOVED IT!! She said it was kind of sweet and she really enjoyed it. I was floored and grinning ear to ear!

    My mother is from Greece although has been in NJ for over 30 years now (with my father). For those that have been to Greece most of the life revolves around Greek brandy (Metaxa and there are some higher end ones that are pretty darn good), wine/beer, and mostly ouzo. She asked what was in bourbon that gave it the touch of sweetness. I gave her a brief lesson in AMERICAN bourbon whisky as compared to scotch whisky.

    It made my Christmas!

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    Re: Fun little Holiday story

    You gotta love introducing the relatives to the joy of bourbon. My in-laws made it up from Arizona for Christmas. After dinner my mother in law decided that I ought to introduce them to some good bourbon. I really couldn't help but pull out some 07 Stagg. I did fully disclose the proof to them but when my father-in-law took his first sip I thought his face was going to explode. My mother-in-law really enjoyed it at full strength and we followed that up with some FR1B and PVW20 for good measure. Had to be the best time I ever had with my in-laws.


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    Re: Fun little Holiday story

    My sister who has never had bourbon before was sort of teasing my brother and I for our bourbon drinking. So, I challenged her to try some. I cut it to about 60-70 proof so she wouldn't gag. She tried it and said it was drinkable but she liked the "nose" better than the taste. Maybe I'll convert her....we'll see.
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