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    schenley whiskeys

    haveing grown up in the distilling industry I was to be the third generation
    distiller in the family but this was not to be as the lawrenceburg schenleys
    closed before I was of age to work there . but because I have whiskey in
    my blood I find my self wanting to collect the bottles and brands of the
    schenley distilierys and those bottled at the lawrenceburg plant but they
    are hard to find anymore if anyone knows where to look or can help it
    would be most appreciated. thank you wild irishman.

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    Re: schenley whiskeys

    Hi I get alot of my Continental Distilling Bottles on E Bay sometimes you luck out and get them cheap! Also with summer coming yard sales sometimes you will find one. Having worked for Publicker Industries them being the worlds Largest back then you would think it would be easy but no one saved them. As time goes by you will, I am lucky enough to have 400 or more plus Barrel heads and all kinds of stuff having worked for them I find it a awesome Hobby! Good luck just keep looking check out my Pictures under History area!
    Dave Z
    Old Hickory America's Most Magnificent Bourbon

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    Re: schenley whiskeys

    On www.whiskyauction.com there is now a bottle of Schenleys,i only don`t know if it is the bottle you`re looking for.



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