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Thread: The Graduate

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    The Graduate

    While watching the movie The Graduate, I noticed Benjamin drank bourbon on at least two occasions, both times at Elaine's parents' mansion. It didn't show what kind. Was his drinking bourbon a cool college thing to do for the times (pre-Woodstock), and was that the drink of choice for the twenty-something set back then? The older rich folks with dreary, empty lives drank Scotch.
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    Re: The Graduate

    Random childhood memories of adults drinking in the 1960s....various beers...old classics from Hamms, Schlitz, Pabst, Budweiser....Martini's, Old Fashions, Manhattans, Creme de Menthe, Canadian Club, Wild Turkey is the one bourbon brand I recall, Cold Duck, Andre Champagne.

    It has been awhile since I saw the movie....I should revisit it again.

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    Re: The Graduate

    my grand dad's drink of choice was.. Old Grand Dad.

    another film with an unnamed bourbon scene I recently rewatched was Blue Velvet, where Frank Booth (Hopper) walks into that apartment and demands "Where's my bourbon!!??" before.. well, if you've seen that movie, you probably remember what happened after that..



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