I recently read a review that Chuck did on Very Very Old Fitzgerald. In that review Chuck offered that it was maybe the best bourbon ever produced. I was intrigued by the statement and PM'd Chuck with a couple of questions that he thought might generate some interest here.

With what is known about yeast strains, recipes, storage conditions and other variables why can't it be made today? The knowledge at least collectively has to exist out there considering that some of the folks prominent in the industry today were either around or had direct ties to people with first hand knowledge of distillery environment, barrel construction and any other factor that went into making this such a super bourbon.

Atlas could it be that it was just "one of those things"? I have my Grandma's homemade vanilla ice cream recipes right down to how much rock salt to put in the hand churn with crushed ice but I have yet to come anything close to the ice cream she used to make.

Makes one ponder. Can't be too expensive to produce. Lord knows many of us would lay down the green to buy the stuff if it were available today. Just wondering if any of you had thoughts on the matter.