Chris's post about the upcoming trip to Tennessee reminded me of a question.

Is Evan Williams the only bourbon that uses charcoal filtration? Is their charcoal from maple wood, as is Jack Daniel's?

I've wondered why they choose to use charcoal filtration at all. I would think that it would alienate bourbon fans without winning over any Jack Daniel's fans.

Is the EW Single Barrel also charcoal filtered?

I picked up a bottle of EWSB 1992 at a supermarket last night (temporarly setting aside my search for entry-level bourbons!). I couldn't resist trying it when I got home. Thankfully, it didn't taste anything like the bottle of EW 12 y/o (charcoal filtered) that I finally gave up on a while back.

At first blush it reminded me of Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve, although I haven't tasted RR since my vacation a couple of weeks ago.

Tonight I plan to try them side by side to see how similar they really are.

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