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    Henry McKenna "Finest Table Whiskey..."

    OK I've had this bottle for a week now but tried as many searches as I could and still came up empty!

    I found this McKenna and could not leave it as I had never seen this bottle before! It's 80 proof with an 83' on the bottom of the bottle. I hope you can see the piture well enough? I'm sure someone here has had this bottle just wondered if you could give me an idea of what to expect?

    It says "Kentucky's Finest Table Whiskey Since 1855" Now if I remember correct I read something from Tim (TNBourbon) that Table Whiskey was an term for the everyday pour/Cooking Wihskey back in the day!

    Just want your input! Is it a Drinker? Mixer? or use with Cooking?

    Thanks Guys/Gals

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