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    Lightbulb Re: Henry McKenna "Finest Table Whiskey..."

    I used to purchase this regularly, back in the day (early 70's). If I recall correctly, I think it was 90-proof back then. In those days, it seemed to me to be a great value - pretty good whiskey at a reasonable price. I moved away from it, literally, moving to a state where it was no longer available to me. So, I haven't had any in at least 30 years.

    Now it is Heaven Hill whiskey and I feel like it should be a cut above their standard bottlings, but I don't know that for a fact. I would use it as an everyday pour and for mixing duty. My best advice is, try it and see.


    PS - Maybe, after reading all of the above, it is not produced by Heaven Hill, only marketed by them. I really don't know.
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    Re: Henry McKenna "Finest Table Whiskey..."

    Well it turns out mine is a Bardstown bottle. I had a small glass neat tonight and my initial impression was a strong woody character and considerable viscosity. Not "spirity" by any means but there wasn't much complexity. As my glass sat and I took a few more sips it (or I) seemed to come into greater balance/focus and more spice became evident on the finish. Still, I'd say its strongest characteristic is a walnut flavor upfront with some richness and just a hint of spice. Not a cerebral pour by any means but nothing at all offensive or off in the flavor profile. Not sure exactly how this bourbon is best consumed but I'll give it a few more tastes in the months to come.

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    Re: Henry McKenna "Finest Table Whiskey..."

    I have to say I just poured mine and you're right. This bottle reminds me of the first time I tried I.W. Harper 15yr. 80. I thought it was very light and subtle! I can get the Walnut you talk of but it wants to turn sweet but dwindles into tannins. I get a little charr up front. I can say it will not be a daily pour but sure I'll let it breath for a bit and see what it turns into!
    To Subtle for me! the finish is very uneventful!

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    Re: Henry McKenna "Finest Table Whiskey..."

    The picture of Tony's bottle states Lawrenceburg and his description sounds close to what I remember. The bottles of the mid-80's, especially those sold by a Seagram facility in Canada, would (at least on average I believe) have been made at its facility in Lawrenceburg, KY. The statement about wanting to turn sweet but staying in a woddy direction resonates in particular as well the impressions of lightness, walnuts and not much finish.


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    Re: Henry McKenna "Finest Table Whiskey..."

    The label looks very similar to the bottle that I picked earlier tonight. Mine has Bardstown on the label and the bottle is straight where his has curves. It was less than $10.00 and second shelf.

    Not a bad daily pour for medicinal purposes.




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