Hello all,
First post here from sunny Buffalo NY. I signed up before the holidays, but didn’t have time to make it official since. So here it goes. If you will….let me give you a short series of events that brought me to this intriguing forum. I have a circle of friends that enjoy their wine, and about three years ago during one of their “professional wine tastings” I said to my best friend “ya know we should do a bourbon tasting”. Mind you at the time, the two of us drank our share of JD, but ironically had no idea that JD wasn’t even a bourbon!

So after doing many hours of research (which oddly enough included this site) I selected 15 bottles for our tasting. (see my avatar). Over a three day “Guy’s Weekend”, myself and 14 of my closest friends tasted all 15 offerings. I didn’t know it at the time, but that weekend was a life changing event.

Over the two years since, I have indulged in my favorites and try something new as soon as I finish one off. My personal favorite is ERSB 10yr. I have been known to enjoy WTRB, OFBB 2006 and KC. By far, I prefer the rye influence over the wheat….heavier and spicier the better.

Anyway, sorry for the long greeting post…I hope to offer what I can, and learn what I can.