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    BOTM, 1/08: Prichard's Double Barreled

    Back by popular demand, the 2008 edition of the BOTM!

    To kick off the new year we will explore an anomaly of the bourbon world. Prichard's Double Barreled Bourbon hails from Kelso, Tennessee. The bottle states that the bourbon is 90 proof and 9 years old, at least on my bottle from several years ago. The claim is that the bourbon is aged normally, cut to bottling proof (presumably) ,then re-barreled and aged again for a period of time. It does not however state whether or not the second barreling is in a new charred oak barrel, or a used one, nor does it claim the bourbon to be from KY. Double barreling is somewhat unique, but a not-all-together new practice. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Jacobs Well was handled in similar fashion.

    I'm not sure how far this is distributed, but it is readily available on KY shelves. This bottling has not been widely discussed here on SB.com, and I thought the BOTM would make a nice occasion to archive what information is known about it.

    So pour yourself a glass and add to the conversation!

    Sound off
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