I ordinarily wouldn't have a bottle of this, but I got one from an ex-manager of a Orlando liquor store who owed me a favor. (Funny story behind it that I'll tell over a drink sometime.)

Not knowing its value as a collectible , I opened it some time last year, and the top of the cork came off, leaving the cork in place. It had dried out. So when I was done. I jammed an old EC12 stopper in the neck.

I wasn't all that impressed. I've just tasted it again earlier this week, and found that it hadn't gotten better. As others have written, nothing wrong with it, but not distinguished, and not worth the price (except for what I got it for).

On the nose, it was mostly alcohol and some underlying camphor and/or HH menthol. With water, it opened up more, some caramel and spice, but the (distracting) camphor was still there.

On the palate (watered), some sweet caramel, not as much wood as I recalled from before. Camphor/menthol /caramel on the finish.

I'm sure I'll finish it. Maybe with some other SE Michigan SBers.

Not like the other bottle that arrived at the same time - a 23 year-old single malt Scotch that was the darkest whisky I've ever seen. I suspect that it was supposed to be something special, but I found it to be undrinkably woody. I gave it to a friend who likes single malts.