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Thread: Rubi Rey Rum

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    Rubi Rey Rum

    Anyone give this one a try? It is remarkable! I found a website with reviews that rated it high. For $20 and 2 rocks glasses, I have it a try. It apparently is currently available in 6 select cities.

    I'm not a RUM expert. Or any spirit for that matter (not yet at least). But I really enjoy this rum neat.

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    Re: Rubi Rey Rum

    I am curious, as this is a White Rum, I thought those were used more for mixing than neat, being more sweet than flavorful? That must not really be the case I guess?
    I have yet to buy one, but I have been meaning to pick up a bottle of Zaya 12, it's a Guatemalan Rum and is dark. Our youngest is from Guatemala, so I thought it would be fun to try...another way of keeping some of his culture around!!



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