While I won't defend the the proliferation of froo froo, fruity "malternatives" I did notice something at a social gathering this past Saturday, something called California Coolers.

I picked up the bottle and examined it, figuring it was the latest de-flavored and "fruit" re-flavored beer. but surprisingly, it boasted it was made from real fruit wine. I didn't taste it, but at least its a step in the right direction.

It would be nice to see all these malt RTD's give way to spirit based RTD's. It has long been a pet peeve of mine that those beverages don't contain the spirits for which they are named. It has always struck me as being very disingenuous, sort of like buying something in a clear bottle in the refrigerated section next to the soda, a brown liquid with the Lipton name prominently displayed, only to find out that the word tea is oddly missing from the label because its not actually made from tea leaves.