Thought I would point out to people that Binny's have a few bourbons on sale at the moment. They are all popular pours on the board.

Blanton's $44.99
Buffalo Trace $17.99
Eagle Rare SB $23.99
Elijah Craig 18 $42.99 **
Elmer T Lee $21.99
Evan Williams SB $23.99
Weller 12yo $21.99
Saz Jr $21.99

**What's the deal with EC18?? I find it always has the most varying prices. The first got one from Binnys (about 12 months ago) was on sale for $31.49 - regular price was $34.99.
12 months later, regular price is sitting at $44.99
I still hear reports on here of people picking it up for around $30.
I'm not complaining, I would pay $45 for it any day of the week, but I find it strange how much the price varies.