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    Specials at Binny's

    Thought I would point out to people that Binny's have a few bourbons on sale at the moment. They are all popular pours on the board.

    Blanton's $44.99
    Buffalo Trace $17.99
    Eagle Rare SB $23.99
    Elijah Craig 18 $42.99 **
    Elmer T Lee $21.99
    Evan Williams SB $23.99
    Weller 12yo $21.99
    Saz Jr $21.99

    **What's the deal with EC18?? I find it always has the most varying prices. The first got one from Binnys (about 12 months ago) was on sale for $31.49 - regular price was $34.99.
    12 months later, regular price is sitting at $44.99
    I still hear reports on here of people picking it up for around $30.
    I'm not complaining, I would pay $45 for it any day of the week, but I find it strange how much the price varies.

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    Re: Specials at Binny's

    good lord, the EC18 is on sale in the NH shops for $23.99 right now, blanton's is $34.99. pretty good price on the BT,though. This board has definitely shown me that I live near some very reasonably prices bottles of bourbon.

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    Re: Specials at Binny's

    That is a hell of a deal on the Blantons... ~35... hell it is $50 here in AZ

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    Re: Specials at Binny's

    If you get that Weller 12 year, you can have a glimpse into what the future WLW releases will taste like. I'm not sure if it will be for next year or not but according to Brett the barrels he selected for the Binny's Weller 12 year will be the same for a WLW release.
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