I had never tried gin before today. I was aware that many gins were made from juniper berries and that the beverage was invented as a medicine. I knew these brands by name: Calvert, Seagram's, Gilbey's, Beefeater, Boodle's, Burnett's. I finally developed enough curiosity to try this liquor. I went down to my usual liquor store and looked around long enough that the manager started to watch me, picking up bottles and reading labels etc. I never buy off the bottom shelf, and I don't buy anything expensive in a class I've never tried. I settled on Boodle's ($16.20 in Ohio). Upon opening the bottle the first aroma to hit me was reminiscent of menthol. After pouring into the glass I picked up a powerful dose of coriander. The taste was mildly menthol, strongly coriander, and faintly citrus. I like it, but perhaps the coriander is a bit strong; much like the one other coriander heavy beverage i recall, Leinenkugel's Wheat beer, the coriander remained long after all other flavors had faded. I noticed a few of the bottles spoke of coriander accents, and am wondering if this is common to gin? I like coriander, but it is a powerful spice best used sparingly. Is this characteristic of coriander strong to the point of bludgeoning the pallete common to gin? Educate me on this beverage.