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How about Plymouth gin? I heard that is suppose to be a superior gin for Martini's?
Absolutely (in my opinion, at least). That and Bootles are the most clean and solid of the gins for a classic gin cocktail.

After that - I'd also suggest if you'd like to taste a really nicely balanced more herbalicious gin and you can find these, they're worth a try:

South Gin - distilled in New Zealand I do believe. Good stuff. Slightly sweet, but really tasty in a mixed cocktail.

Zudium Gin - distilled in ... Holland? Really great. It's a great balance between the dry gins and the more junipery gins. If I had it around all the time, I'd drink more of it.

Blue Gin - This is a slighty aged and rather special gin - akin to Kensington - that comes out of Austria.

Here's a kinda tasty gin drink - slightly sweet:

3oz. Plymouth Gin
1tbsp St. Germain Elderflower
1tbsp. Amaro Nonino (any Amaro will work)

Mix and pour into a cocktail shell (martini glass) over a long lemon twist.