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    Re: Let's Talk About Gin

    Quote Originally Posted by New2Whiskey View Post
    How about Plymouth gin? I heard that is suppose to be a superior gin for Martini's?
    Absolutely (in my opinion, at least). That and Bootles are the most clean and solid of the gins for a classic gin cocktail.

    After that - I'd also suggest if you'd like to taste a really nicely balanced more herbalicious gin and you can find these, they're worth a try:

    South Gin - distilled in New Zealand I do believe. Good stuff. Slightly sweet, but really tasty in a mixed cocktail.

    Zudium Gin - distilled in ... Holland? Really great. It's a great balance between the dry gins and the more junipery gins. If I had it around all the time, I'd drink more of it.

    Blue Gin - This is a slighty aged and rather special gin - akin to Kensington - that comes out of Austria.

    Here's a kinda tasty gin drink - slightly sweet:

    3oz. Plymouth Gin
    1tbsp St. Germain Elderflower
    1tbsp. Amaro Nonino (any Amaro will work)

    Mix and pour into a cocktail shell (martini glass) over a long lemon twist.


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    Re: Let's Talk About Gin

    Great stuff. Really - the most floral and beautiful smelling gin that I have ever had the pleasure to have. That said, I just checked the bottle, and I have the regular Kensington - I have not tried the XO. Makes a great cologne, too.....ha.
    Here is a pic of the Kensignton Reserve XO. Beautiful bottle too.
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    Re: Let's Talk About Gin

    That's a good one, Libertybar. I am also fond of Bulldog Gin, which also has an herby feel. Some of its ingredients are unique to gin, including lotus leaves and "Dragon Eye"—which is said to be an aphrodisiac. But it makes for a smoother finish.

    Here's a good recipe, similar to yours, that i like it with, called the Brindle:

    4-6oz Bulldog gin
    1oz St. Germain Elderflower
    3/4oz simply syrup
    1/2oz Creme de Cassis

    Combine first 3 ingredients into shaker with ice, shake. Pour into martini glass over ice. Lightly pour in Creme.



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