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Thread: Sad Manhattans

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    Re: Sad Manhattans

    I hadn't really thought about it, but I do know that I order my martinis "up". I frequently order my bourbon on the rocks when I'm out, but now that I think about it, one of my friends orders scotch "neat".

    I looked around the virtual world and that seems to be the consensus.

    Up: Drink stirred/shaken with ice and strained into a (usually stemmed) glass. However, I've had bourbon this way; get it cool, but don't keep diluting it and it should probably be in a double old-fashioned.

    Neat: Drink poured straight from the bottle at whatever temperature it's stored at. That is, a glass of vodka stored in the freezer is considered neat. Guess the glass should be double old-fashioned.

    How many ounces should be in a straight bourbon drink, be it on the rocks or neat? Seems like it should be the same as a martini, since vermouth is a pretty minor ingredient in a 'tini. Around here, the premium brands go for $10 or so. What should we be getting? Seems like some places give around 6 oz. That's a good amount of alcohol, if I'm right.
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