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    Re: Is Cognac similar to Whiskey?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vange View Post
    Add Ferrand to that list too of fine cognac houses
    I was recently in a liquor store this week and the US National Sales Director, Guilaume Lamy, from Ferrand was there. He was with the Texas middleman, Republic, selling the owner of this store on his product. I spoke with him and kindly offered me taste of both their 10 and 20 year old Cognac. The 20 was superb. I enjoyed both and will buy a bottle to have in my bar.

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    Re: Is Cognac similar to Whiskey?

    Quote Originally Posted by mitchshrader View Post
    it runs me about 70$ per bottle delivered. It can't be found most places nor shipped to quite a few, whatever you must do to get it is justified once you taste it.

    Delamain, quite a nice brand, is as most cognac 80 proof. It's totally unfair to compare the two, the cask strength is *nearly* overwhelming. 4 drop sips, about like a hummingbird.

    I went through a bottle in 10 months, and don't know if that's fast or slow. I bought more, I'll buy more, I weep in advance for the day there's no more..

    fwiw, the 40 year old 50%ABV is about $175 delivered. Both are easily worth double their price. I'm a cheapskate, and that's not an exaggeration.
    I am having trouble tracking down the 40 year old brut du fut. Where do you get it for $175? Thanks in advance. I sent you a PM in case you don't see this.



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