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The great thing about Casa Del Tequila in PV is that they let you taste before you buy (not everything but they have a few open bottles). I'd recommend trying El Tesoro, 7 Leguas, Centinella and 1921 among others. These are the better "bang for your buck" tequilas that get good reviews from a tequila forum I belong to. Centinella would be the lone exception in this group. Its flavours are reputed to be quite soft (never had any yet), but might make a good counterpoint to the others.

If you want to try something "top shelf", two choices I'd recommend are 1921 and Reserva de la Famillia.

Thanks for the recommendations. 1921 I have and know I like. While I like van Halen, I'm not a fan of Cabo Wabo. I'm looking for tequilas that aren't available here. I also got Don Julio 1942 at La Casa before it was available here.