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    Re: Prominence of Knob Creek

    Freddy is probably just the face they are putting to Small Batch, which was launched in 1988 or thereabouts, when Freddy wasn't even in the picture. Beam's whiskey-making decisions are made in Kentucky, but the marketing decisions are made in Chicago (Deerfield, actually).

    Booker's was the original, introduced in 1985, or thereabouts, as a Christmas present for Beam company business associates. It was well enough received that they started to sell it. I remember having my first taste at a bar in Louisville in the fall of 1987. The other three followed soon thereafter. Each is a little different. Booker's is 121 to 127 proof, unfiltered and 6-8 years old. Baker's is 107 proof and 7 years old. Knob Creek is 100 proof and 9 years old. Basil Hayden's is 80 proof and 8 years old.

    Booker's, Baker's and Knob Creek are standard Beam mash bill (some disagree with this, but I'm confident I'm right). BH is the Old Grand-Dad mash bill, which has a higher percentage of rye and a consequently lower percentage of corn.

    The main gripe against BH is its low proof, which despite its age leaves it tasting pretty blah. They position it as light-bodied, a good bourbon for scotch drinkers.

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    Re: Knob Creek & Chuck\'s reply

    Found and just read your review of Knob Creek. I suppose I must see it your way since I enjoyed half a bottle's worth last
    Sunday (little pig that I am!). What a way to spend a summer afternoon & evening. It was a hot one too. I also read your Kentucky Spirit review and do believe I'll get some...yes. I like WT 101 quite a bit. I think it has a very "buttery" finish and I can only imagine what Kentucky Spirit will be like.

    Per Chucks reply, I think I'll stay away from Basil Hayden and try Booker's or Baker's for my next Beam brand. That low proof scares me. I tried a Wild Turkey 80 proof (small bottle) just for kicks. Not too good. I guess it would be OK with a mixer. Don't understand how the 101 proof actually seems smoother.


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    Re: Knob Creek & Chuck\'s reply

    >> Found and just read your review of Knob Creek. I suppose I must see it your way since I enjoyed half a bottle's worth last Sunday <<

    After trying Knob Creek for the first time a few weeks ago, it easily knocked out Maker's Mark as my "house" Bourbon.

    Also, shared a few glasses of Old Rip Van Winkle 15 years old with a friend, and found it to be a truley wonderful experience. I was a bit concerned as to the 107 proof, but it was as smooth as a baby's bottom.

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    Re: Knob Creek & Chuck\'s reply

    Only half a bottle, Winslow? Over an entire Sunday? You Sir are the very soul of moderation. I'm glad you find my tastings helpful and I hope you enjoy reading them every bit as much as I did writting them!

    Pants Away!

    Linn Spencer

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