I initially wanted to join this website last night to answer a burning question, but it seems I've been sucked in. And now I have millions of questions. But I'll keep it to two, by god.

First off, I'm a colossal fan of rye. In a sazerac if at all possible, and since the US has lifted its embargo on absinthe, a true one might be crafted tonight. If I can find that bottle of Peychaud hidden in my sock drawer somewheres...but Jim Beam rye is my bread and butter these days, as I'm not a fan of Michter's or Rittenhouse. Or Old Overcoat. But are there any other ryes in NYC that anyone knows of? A store on the island?

Second off, the question that led me here. Please forgive me in advance. Ever since I read the article in the NYTimes last year, I've wanted to try to make a leather infused bourbon. Or, preferably, rye. Since the yellow bottle finds its way onto my counter very frequently, I don't feel guilty about one little night of experimentation. Have any of you tried it? What kind of leather? How on earth do I infuse it?

I'm very excited to be here, I hope you're all well.