What is a 'single batch' bourbon? Does it even exist? A while back someone posted a question about 'single batch bourbon'. Chuck Cowdery advised the poster to think of bourbons 'Bottled In Bond' as single batch bourbons, but is that really true?

Pretty damn close is what I say. Single Barrels do make the grade as each barrel can only come from a single batch. Bonded bourbons need only come from a single season - either spring or fall. BIB's can spring forth from any number of batches.

To me a 'single batch' bourbon must come from the same 'run' from a single fermenter. Which is to say that all of the whiskey that is distilled from that single fermenter is barreled and marked as such and aged together.

Distillers know the best rackhouses and the best floors to age their whiskey until it becomes bourbon. Of that you can be sure. They may not tell us the exact truth about it, but rest assured thay do know what they are doing.

I for one would love to see true 'single batch' bourbons become a reality. They could be better than single barrel bourbons in that they can have the charms of being married to one another, and their flavor profiles more easily replicated. Disappointing barrels would be culled and dumped into some other marriage.

Another plus could be simple screening rather that true filtration. Bourbon is dumped out of the barrel through a very fine series of screens or sieves before any charcoal or chill filtration is undertaken.

It would be very easy to ; dump, sieve, and marry the selected barrels of a single batch and bottle at barrel proof.

No gags. No gimmicks. Pure bourbon in real time.

I know a lot of bourbon industry folks read this forum everyday. This is what I would like to see happen.

Big time winners like Knob Creek; Russell's Reserve and Woodford Reserve show the true potential of that general direction. That's a path distillers should explore more fully. I'd just like the distillers to go that 'extra mile'.

Single batch bourbon. It ain't rocket science. It's Bourbo-science, and tastes much better!

Pants Away!

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.