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Thread: Why White Oak?

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    Why White Oak?

    There are hundreds of oak, including the Black Oak, Pin Oak, Live oak, Shumard oak, Red oak, and Post Oak but why the White Oak?
    I would like to try Corn whiskey from other species of Oak for different flavors. Perhaps it is difficult. Or why limit to Oak perhaps Pecan!
    I do know that deer seem to prefer White Oak acorns for some reason.

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    Re: Why White Oak?

    This question was addressed in one of the earliest American distilling texts, by Samuel M'Harry in about 1809. Basically, other forms of oak are too porous and might allow off-flavors or acidity to enter the spirit. White oak has the right hardness and durability but still permits interchange of air between the spirit and outside atmosphere. As I recall (I will try to find the book in my library), M'Harry advised red oak as next best to white, but his clear preference is for American white oak.




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