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    Red Wine...

    It must have happened at about the same time that I realized my taste for Whiskey suddenly developed, I enjoy Red Wine.
    Trying to get some kind of "taste history" going, I have limited myself for the time being to WA wines. I have had Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec (actually this one was NZ). I have enjoyed all the bottles I have tried, and they have all been lower end bottles (less than $12) for the most part.
    It has become pretty apparent to me that like Bourbon, I am going to have to open bottles side by side, or find some tasting spots, because my memory is so poor. I wish they would last longer once open...
    I have been searching for a WA Pinot noir, there are a few but they have been elusive.
    I think the Cabernet Sauvignon has been my favorite. The bottles I have had have seemed more complex.
    I have had many of the Columbia Crest bottles and just like the varieties I am going to have to try their Two Vines, Grand Estates and Reserve bottles side by side to pick up the differences.
    My wife's cousin's husband works for Long Shadows Winery in Walla Walla and I got three very nice bottles for Christmas, but I am waiting to open them when I have someone to share them with.
    It's a nice change once in a while, and does go so well with dinner.
    Just never seems to end...what a slippery slope I'm on...
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