This past year I had the unfortunate experience of actually buying a bottle of Wasmund's new Virginia whiskey. Since I was born and raised in Virginia and have spent many a summer fishing on the Rappahanock river, I was intriqued by a magazine article I read about this new Virginia distillery and their "Rappahannock Pot-Stilled Single Malt Whiskey'. I knew I was gambling with my $35 at the liquor store, but figured since they were local I would give their product a try. The bottle I purchased said "Batch No. 3" on the front, and "4 Months old" on the back.

I can say, without equivocation, that this is the absolute worst whiskey I have ever tasted in my 15 years of sipping spirits, and that is saying a lot. An aroma like fruity paint thinner, so much so I was almost afraid to bring the glass to my lips, and a taste not unlike the aroma. It is atrocious. Just god-awful bad. I would not even use it for mixing. I felt like I had been ripped off, and had I been able to return the bottle to the ABC store for a refund, I would have done so immediately. At the least, next time I am there the clerk who told me "I heard some folks say it was pretty good" is going to get some very blunt feedback from me.

I really wanted this whiskey to at least be decent, so I could feel a bit of Virginian pride in their product, and I hope one day they actually learn to make and age a palatable whiskey, but for the time being, I have to try and save others from throwing their money away like I did. If you have any sense of taste whatsoever with respect to whiskey, you will be sorry if you buy this product.