This idea was inspired in part by a tasting note by Linn that my wife read. It said that you should chase Woodford's Reserve with Iced Tea.

After much trial and error and more than a Liter of whiskey, here is the recipe.

4 Tea Bags (2 Orange Pekoe & 2 Green Tea)
1/2 Gallon or so water
1/2 Cup or so Sugar
2 cups or so George Dickel No. 12

Brew tea. It is absolute best if you have one of those nifty sun tea jars cause it really does make the stuff taste better. The extra wait is worth it. If you have to do it quickly she says to nuke the bags in small containers (two bags to a coffee cup is best) then strain the liquid through a seive and dilute to taste after. Add water to make a half gallon. This will be rather strong still so you can dilute more to taste if that is your want. Add 1/2 cup sugar. Chill 3 hours minimum.

Find your favorite tumbler (16 oz size preferrable), add a minimum of 4 but no more than 7 ice cubes, add roughly 10 oz tea and then between 1 1/2 - 3 oz George Dickel Tennessee whisky, depending on your liking (DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT use Jack Daniels, IT WILL NOT WORK RIGHT!!). Jessica says that leaving the whisky in the tea over long periods of time will aldulterate the mixture and the whisky will lose its eccentricities, so add at last possible moment.

Fire up the porch swing & enjoy!!