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Thread: Rittenhouse 23

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    Re: Rittenhouse 23

    I certainly have plans to open my Rittenhouse 21 and maybe the 23 if I buy another. I do want to keep one bunkered away for awhile.

    I have a get together every year and this year the theme will be 200 years of Rye. A Rye tastings extravaganza with:

    Black Maple Hill Rye 23
    Hirsch Selection 21
    Michter's Straight Rye (18 yo?) 10
    Rittenhouse Rye 21 21
    Sazerac 2005 18
    Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye (F bottling, 18 yo) 13
    Vintage Rye 21
    Vintage Rye 23
    Willett Rye (SB.com bottling) 22
    Willett Rye (Jake Parrot private bottling - The Iron Fist) 23

    Got to cut some of them down to 90-95 proof to make it reasonably fair.

    Maybe I'll break out the Classic Cask 22 rye too if there is a need or sneak in a standard Rittenhouse BiB just to see where that would place. At least that is the plan at this moment. We'll see.

    I know its only 192 years if you count the advertised age but about 208 if what they say about the Michter's and Van Winkle rye are true.
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    Re: Rittenhouse 23

    Here's an earlier tasting note:

    I finished up a bottle last week, and have two more in the closet. I won't hesitate to open them, won't buy any more (of either age), and am in no hurry to dispose of them either.
    At first blush, this is/was an overpriced disappointment. I was one of an SB.com group that got to taste this in Fall 2005 straight from the barrel. It was an eye-popper at barrel-proof. Of course, we don't know exactly which barrel that sample was from, but several members of the group immediately tried to arrange for Heaven Hill to sell them that, and maybe other, barrel(s). Whether the distillery already had plans then for this bottling a year later, or judged by our universal reaction that they should make those plans, they wouldn't let us have any then.
    Again in Spring 2006, Craig Beam brought some at 100 proof along to Twisted Spoke during WhiskyFest in Chicago. While generally considered inferior to the barrel-proof we'd tasted, this still was a crowd-pleaser that night.
    Then, however, when released it remained at 100 proof, but at $150, and as a single-barrel. This when the Vintage 23yo rye was c. $110, and barrel-proof Stagg and Weller were $50-ish. And, who's going to lay out $150 31 times in order to get a sample from each barrel? Now, I realize Heaven Hill sold every bottle, and got its price. The wholesalers and retailers were the ones left holding the bag, because it can still be found here and there on store shelves. If it's been turned into a collectible, it's because of the inflated price.
    The good news is that HH seems to have learned a lesson -- its very fine Parker's Heritage Collection bottling is at barrel-proof and about 60% the price.
    Anyway, easily lost in all that is that it's very fine rye whiskey -- just not as good as it could have been. So, it's a shame that folks have paid so much for it that they hesitate to open it. If some of you do, please judge it, if you can, with disregard for its price.

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    Re: Rittenhouse 23

    Quote Originally Posted by AVB View Post
    I have a get together every year and this year the theme will be 200 years of Rye. A Rye tastings extravaganza with:

    Willett Rye (SB.com bottling) 22
    I didn't know that SB.com did a Willett Rye.
    I'd be interested to try that one.




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