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    Old Find from a New Member - Need Info

    Howdy folks,

    I happened on this forum while researching an old bottle. I've read through a bunch of the posts and I have to say I'm impressed with this community.

    My name is Geoff, I'm generally a Scotch drinker, but I don't refuse a good Bourbon when it's offered. I'll also have the occasional Canadian, or any other good spirit.

    On to this bottle: While cleaning out the in-law's house recently as prelude to a renovation, an old pint bottle of Echo Spring Kentucky Bourbon was discovered hidden away in the rafters upstairs. Just how old is part of what I'm trying to determine.

    It still has the original, unbroken, tax paid stamp, with the 9 digit serial? number printed on it. There is no UPC code. I know that this brand is now under the Heaven Hill umbrella, but my research indicates that current production is 4 year old, 80 proof. This bottle has a label that says it is 5 year old, 86 proof.

    I'm interested in finding out a few things: 1. Can this bottle be accurately dated? Maybe by cross referencing the tax paid label? 2. Is this stuff any good? I'm told that this is the brand that my wife's grandfather used to drink (it may be his bottle) and he was known for enjoying life's finer pleasures. 3. Would this be something a collector might be interested in?

    Bottom line is I'm trying to figure out what to do with this stuff. Should I hog it for myself, cause it's so good (or maybe let one or two of my best friends try it?) Should I push it off on my lesser friends cause it's so bad? Or should I sell it cause it's valuable?

    What would you do?

    Thanks very much for reading this far. Any info you could send my way would be much appreciated.
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