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    Re: Old Find from a New Member - Need Info

    Quote Originally Posted by Davisdog View Post
    As you can see from the photo, there are several things on the bottom of the bottle. I think the most significant is the bottom one which reads: "22 17A 72". Incidentally, the top line reads: "16222" and "LOU-02", with some kind of a trademark in between that I can't make out.
    As others have pointed out....1972 appears to be the distillation year, which places the bottling around 1977. That would be in line with ACDetroits comment about the cap being TE steel cap.
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    Re: Old Find from a New Member - Need Info

    I just couldn't hold out anymore. The bottle has been sampled! I'm nowhere near an expert on bourbon, but I do like this stuff.

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    Re: Old Find from a New Member - Need Info

    Hey Dog! if you get a chance on Dixie there is a store called (I think??) Paradise Liquor and he grabs WT 8 yr old for me from the Duty Free check it out he may have one right now! I think you'll like it!

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